10 Years at IBM

10 Year Pen

10 Year Pen

I recently celebrated my 10th year of being an IBMer. In recognition of this milestone event, I received a rather lovely sterling silver pen. The hallmark 925 means it’s 92.5% silver (the other 7.5% is probably copper, or other alloyed metal, to increase the hardness). The other marks suggest it was made in the UK (the lion), specifically Birmingham (the anchor).

One third of my life in one company. Wow. I’d quickly like to thank the friends and colleagues at IBM (many of whom have already moved on. I mean you too) who have made the last ten years so enjoyable.

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  1. 10 years sounds like a long time, but 1997 doesn’t seem long ago. Then again, you did get married, graduate, buy a house and get a dog in those ten years. Damn, I need a wife, house and dog in the next ten months to keep up!

    What were the best and worst bits? Being a Sponnie? Working on MQTT? Virtual Worlds? The installation of the T-Bird?

  2. Each job within the company has been more enjoyable than the last (though being a sponsored student was indeed fun). I think work has been so fun because I don’t really have any sort of plan, and just keep moving around and saying yes to enjoyable things.

    That said, the T-Bird in the Cha Bar is of course a plus. (I really must get a photo of that. Do you already have one?)

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