Warwick University – What’s IT All About?

I presented at a careers fair at Warwick University yesterday.

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I actually gave the presentation twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The audio on the above presentation is spliced from the two, partly to aggregate the questions from both versions, and partly because the first time through the battery on my laptop died halfway through the talk, which meant I improvised the second half and went remarkably off script. This was actually quite a lot of fun, and made me realise how little I need the slides at all, other than the obvious reason of keeping people’s eyes entertained. SlideShare (or the Internet Archive, I’m not sure which) has, as usual, truncated the last few seconds, but you only miss me wrapping up.

It’s blatantly a merge of my 2 or 3 recent presentations, but combines things in a new order and is probably an improvement on what I did for the IET. I’m wondering if I have tome to come up with something totally new for the IBM iForum next week (and Online Information 2007 the on the 6th December).

Talking with Rob over tea today, we got rather excited about the idea of a camera pointing at a whiteboard (streaming live video to a screen rather than pre-prepared slides), with physical props, and bits of paper, and ARTag style augmented reality, and and and…

Now I’ve said it, I have to make it happen. It may require buying a better webcam though, so perhaps it’s something for next year.

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  1. Hi Roo

    I work for the careers centre at Warwick, I was recording audio from some of the other presentations on the day so did not get chance to say hello.

    I am trying to put together a collection of material from the day, would it be OK to dowload your presentation and use it on our website?

    I have five Podcasts from the day, should get them online on Monday.



  2. Well, if you’re going to get a nice new webcam and start augmenting things, how about a game of SLorpedo?! (Any excuse to visit Warwick, and XML-RPC might be working again by next year! :)

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