Links for Saturday 24th November, 2007

  • Why no hate in Web2.0? – “Nobody ever (to my knowledge) maps negative relationships ? enemies, people you don?t like, blockers and naysayers.” comes to mind. I’ve been collecting more
  • Introvertster – ‘the new way to get rid of people’ – “Introvertster is an online community that prevents stupid people and friends from harrassing you online.”
  • Nemester – “Nemester is an online community that connects paranoids, egotists, villains, and monomaniacs through networks of competing agendas and incompatable ideologies for bitter conflicts, mutual loathing, or to find their one, true nemesis.”
  • snubster – beta – Tell people they’re “on notice” or “dead to me”.
  • timbl: Giant Global Graph – Tim Berners Lee’s thoughts on social graphs.
  • Log your trips – see whos where – make new friends – WAYN.COM – Another location/trip sharing thing. [Instasummary: Wayn–, Dodgeball–, Plazes–, Placely–, Dopplr++]
  • Wired: No Shortcuts to Success for Virtual Entrepreneurs – “Daniel Terdiman [CNet, ex-Wired] still thinks Second Life is a great place to do business.” “I want the overriding message of my book to be that it’s not easy. It’s hard. It has to be treated like you would treat starting a business in the real world.”
  • AGDC: BioWare’s Gordon Walton Gives 12 Lessons from WoW – “Gordon Walton, the co-studio director at BioWare Austin, gave a packed beyond capacity speech at GDC Austin. … Walton’s jocular but insightful speech did not betray the expectations set by the eager crowd.” [via:crystaltips]
  • russell davies: dawdlr – a twitter for the long now II – “Dawdlr has just updated for the first time. I think it’s worked rather well. People have sent excellent things. Some florid, some restrained, some silly, some thoughtful. It’s like twitter; people are making up ‘what it’s for’ on their own.”
  • Mocha UI – MooTools Canvas UI class – “In an ongoing exercise to become more familiar with MooTools and Canvas, Greg Houston has created an extension to MooTools called Mocha UI which provides a new UI class made with canvas tag graphics”. I like.

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  1. Snubster matches an idea I had during Luis’s presentation. Can this be a way to help manage email? (in a more social way than just marking them as ‘junk email’) You put someone on your snubster list, because their emails are a ‘bother’. I would add a feature so that if you mark someone as ‘you are dead to me’, that they can reach you again by getting a recommendation from someone on your [what ever the opposite of snubster list is] list…

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