Twitter Updates for 2007-12-06

  • Checked out of hotel. Ahh, that’s better. Now to prepare for 9:30 talk, via breakfast. #
  • Seeing lots of cafes, but they all want to sell me a pastry rather than eggs bacon chips and beans. #
  • Sitting down after a talk. Was fun, but wish I’d waffled a bit less. @ewanmcintosh is up now talking about education, and he’s great. #
  • Ewan’s touching explication of the cup-stacking videos (showing YouTube vids is bringing tears to my eyes. #
  • I’m nodding frantically at Ewan, openness, publishing and sharing things externally is important. Assessing things to death not the answer. #
  • Listening to someone from OCLC defining, in great detail, ‘Baby Boomers’ (both Cohort 1 AND Cohort 2), ‘Millennials’, and ‘Screenagers’. Urg #
  • I promise I will never ever use the word ‘screenager’. Apparently it means 12 – 18 year old. What a pointless definition. #
  • Panel session just about to start. This could get interesting. #
  • Dopplr plus plus #
  • I chickened out on Democracy there. Should it be universal? Fluffy liberal Roo wants everyone to get along, without being invaded. #
  • Asked for a prediction on the future. Said the obvious stuff on social graph, Open ID, etc. #
  • Pardon me boy, is that the 16:35 South West Trains service to Southampton Airport Parkway? #
  • Home. Halibut and mash. Beer. Ahh…. #

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  1. Hi Dale. I’m experimenting with it. Currently doing it automatically, though no doubt I’ll end up tweaking some of them out here and there. I expect that auto-posting my bookmarks and my tweets every day will force me to make daily updates with actual content too.

    I’m using Alex King’s Twitter Tools. Version 1.0 doesn’t quite work properly with WordPress 2.3.1, so I had to tweak it slightly as described in this thread.

  2. I don’t really believe in universal democracy, as I belief in free choice, and if some people don’t want to ruled democratically, I think they should have that possibility. Not to mention that there are many definitions of democracy – it’d be quite possible to invade the USA in order to change their government to a democratic one.

    What I am in favor of is basic human rights (as I define them of course :-)

    People have the right to information about how they are being governed, and how other countries are being governed.

    People have the right to share any information that they have with others, without fear of persecution (with possible exceptions for false information that harms innocent individuals).

    People have the right to listen to other people and receive information from them without fear of persecution, regardless of whom they listen to.

    People have the right to be free of persecution from anyone inside or outside their country based on their beliefs, thoughts, sex, race, parenthood or physical appearance.

    People have the right to be protected by their government against any who would take away their rights or harm them.

    People have the right to a fair trial.

    People have the right to protection from inhumane treatment, whether they have commited a crime or not.

    People have the right to leave their country and enter it again without fear of retribution.

    People have the right to enter any country and reside there with the full rights of a citizen.

    A society may grant extra rights to its citizens, but these rights must apply equally to everybody.

    I don’t align exactly with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as I am happy for states to exist that are set up in such a way for some of them not to be meaningful, always and as long as it is possible and practical for a citizen to leave his country and settle in one more in line with his personal beliefs. (This is not really the case in the world today sadly.)

    It may well be that if everyone has these rights – the right to find things out, and the right to tell others, that you’d end up with democracy anyway, but I’m happy for that to take its own natural course.

    Invading other countries to inflict upon them a specific form of government, no matter how benign we think it is is ludicrous. The rights and freedoms of the citizens are far more important than how they are governed.

    There are countries where people are persecuted horrendously by their governments. If we must invade, lets invade one of them.

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