My talk at Online Information 07

I presented on Thursday morning, followed by Ewan McIntosh (who was also chairing the session) and Mary Ellen Bates, who has a link to her slides online too.

It’s a slightly re-worked and reduced version of the Warwick one, with a (tiny) bit of the CIO 2010 Outlook mixed in for good measure.

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I also recorded the audio for the rest of the session. I really like how the various parts fit together. Here’s the whole thing:

  • Enterprise 3.D – Roo Reynolds [slides and audio also embedded above]
  • The Bebo Boomers – Ewan McIntosh [audio]
  • Connecting with the Millennium Generation: how will information centres respond? – Mary Ellen Bates [audio] [slides] [blog]
  • Panel Q&A with the three of us [audio] [blog]

Ewan invited questions from audience via a roving microphone, but also while the event was still happening, via Twitter and comments on his blog. Ewan was, I think, the only session moderator to try this, and as far as I could see it really worked. It was fun, and I’d like to do more of that sort of thing. Thanks Ewan.

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