Links for 2007-12-11

  • The Evangelist in You | Advice and Opinion – Nice writeup of a recent presentation: “I stumbled upon an interesting presentation last week from Roo Reynolds, a smart and ardent Brit who works in IBM?s Hursley Park Lab in the U.K. and sports one of those crazy titles that make regular businesspeople feel chronically unhip.”
  • Why CIOs Should Be On Facebook – “It behooves you to be members of both Facebook and LinkedIn. It increases your opportunity to make meaningful connections in your professional and personal lives, and the gray area between where we’re going to be spending a lot of our time in the future”
  • Technology Review: Virtual Labor Lost – “Castronova says that there’s a problem with the game: ‘It’s no fun.'” [via:kyb]
  • Terra Nova: Two Releases: Arden I and Exodus – From the horse’s mouth, “No monsters is a big problem for our larger goal, which is to use virtual worlds to run experiments. No monsters means no fun, no fun means no people, and no people means no experiment. “
  • strange maps – Maps, which are strange. [via kyb]

Blonde Map

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  1. What did you say to make him call you an “ardent Brit”? God Save the Queen? Or did you just refer to “the colonies” in one of your talks?

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