Twitter Updates for 2007-12-13

  • Are 419 scams getting lazier? “Please make a hotel reservation for me and tell me the nearest airport to you and await for my arrival” #
  • Rachel just got home with a new pair of Levi 501s (36 x 36) for me. Comfortable, and (importantly) un-torn. Previous pair very tatty. #
  • Going for a walk with a mentee. Taking a camera, since the light in rather good and we’ll walk though some countryside. #

    Hursley Hursley

  • Writing a bio and finding a photo for SXSW. 50 word bio is quite challenging. 140 characters would be worse though. #
  • Laughing out loud at HSBC bank for phoning me and demanding I tell them my date of birth. Wouldn’t even let me talk a supervisor. Madness. #
  • Off phone with @suw. She’s a cleverun, that one. #