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Flickr is great, isn’t it? Last week, they introduced in–browser photo editing Fractal Flame 1(via Picnik), and this Thursday they added stats.  If you’re a Pro user, go and activate stats for your account. I think you’ll like it.

By digging around my stats, I now know that this generated ‘fractal flame’ picture (generated using Apophysis) appears on the first page of the results for a Yahoo image search for ‘flame’.

flickr_statsAnd it seems to be getting (relatively) more popular as a result.

Some other interesting (to me) facts:

  • Only 3% of my Flickr traffic comes from my blog (I was expecting that to be higher)
  • 19% comes from Google, 10% from Yahoo (a total of 30% from search engines) while 41% of traffic comes from within Flickr itself.

What fun.

2 replies on “Flickr Stats”

  1. Stats is the best thing they’ve added in ages. The recent maps revamp was a bit of a mess, but stats really works. I love going through it every day and finding out just why a particular shot has had a blip.

  2. Yay. I had missed this, but thanks to your post, I have just gone off and activated mine.

    Is your 3% of hits from your blog the “all time” figure? I get only 1%, which is shocking (to me).

    Interestingly I see that yesterday I was getting hits on “Christmassy” images so it looks like there might be some seasonal variation. I’m looking forward to tracking this!

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