50 word bio

I’ve been asked to provide a 50 word bio and a photo for SXSW next year (I’m a panelist. Yay!). 50 words is quite short, and it made me think about the wording very carefully.

Roo Reynolds is a Metaverse Evangelist based at IBM UK’s Hursley Park laboratory. For the past two years he has been helping people understand the importance of social software and virtual worlds. He’s also helping create a virtual world within IBM’s intranet. He is rather tall, and blogs at rooreynolds.com.

I also have to provide a photo, which can be quite informal. Of course, I turned to Flickr, and found these, all taken by Rachel.

Windswept and ruffled Roo

I’m going to try the first one, because it’s most ‘me’ (and is actually less cropped in the non-thumbnail version).

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