Dopplr, in case you’ve still not heard of it, is excellent. I’ve been saying that for a while, so rather than go over all that again here’s a link to a really early review and a later update. It’s now in public beta, so there’s really no excuse not to sign up.

Before the Dopplr Redmonk YellowPark party yesterday, Andy and I got a chance to see the Dopplr/RedMonk UK office, and sneak a photo of Matt Biddulph and his laptop for my small but growing collection of photographs of geeks with their laptop stickers.

Matt Biddulph - Dopplr CTO

We got to take part in the Dopplr Posin’ meme too. This all began when Bobbie Johnson wrote a piece for the Guardian back in July (probably the first mainstream attention for Dopplr). His photographer, Sarah Lee, got a now-classic shot of Matt Jones and Matt Biddulph standing in a doorway. Following in the footsteps of people standing in the same doorway, attempting the same Confident Matt and Nervous Matt poses, Andy and I humbly took out place in the Dopplr Posin’ chain yesterday.

Dopplr posin'

This afternoon, I used Sqirlz Morph to quickly turn the sequence into an animated flash movie. (Around 1MB, so it may take a few moments to load…)

The party itself was brilliant. Hosted in an upstairs room of the infamous Macbeth pub in Hoxton, London’s geekerati gathered, drank heavily, ate pizza, and made new Twitter friendships. Having recently blogged about TheyWorkForYou, I was particularly excited to (finally) meet Robert Brook (who helps self-organising groups prototype services for the UK Parliament) and Rob McKinnon who helps him, and also happens to be the genius behind are some photos from various people who were there. Click on each thumbnail to see the original.

Dopplr party montageDopplr party

Great fun. Thanks to Chris Dalby/YellowPark, to Matt and the rest of the Dopplr gang, to James for booking such a characterful venue.

5 replies on “Dopplr+RedMonk+YellowPark++”

  1. Roo, I was surprised to find out that I was in your SL presentation this January.
    I wonder if you would like to share your view on SL with our group. I just sent you an email about this, but I remember you mentioned before that blog is the best place to contact you…

    Wish you have a happy Christmas and great holiday!
    & see you next January! L

  2. Hi Lei. Normally, you’d be right about this being a good way to contact me but over the holiday I must confess that I tried not to do anything that resembled work at all. That said, you’ve now got mail. :-)

  3. Hmm. I’m clearly the most miserable(-looking) person ever to have Dopplr-posed. We will have to go back for a re-run and this time I will ignore the direction from the photography team.

    In real life I am, of course, a happy-go-lucky fellow.

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