Twitter Updates for 2007-12-19 & 20

  • Awake much later than I want to be. Thinking about next year. #
  • Thanks for the seesmic invites, Chris & Lloyd. You stars. Now I need to follow through on my promise of getting a new router and trying it. #
  • Heading to Salisbury today to buy final few christmassy bits and pieces. Then on to @epredator‘s lair later tonight to say hello. #
  • I could care less about Tweeterboard. I’m going to use Twitter how I want to, not to play some rankings game. Must. Not. Compulsively. Check #
  • Shopping. L:Salisbury #
  • Seeing @reynolds (no relation) Blood Sweat and Tea book in Waterstones makes me smile. #
  • In ur HSBC, closin ur accounts #
  • Pretty much shopped out now. What a lot of lovely things. Home time. #
  • As promised, buying a new router. Back (from Belkin) to trusty old Linksys. This is a WAG54GS. Hopefully will even work with the DS. #
  • New router installed and working. Yay! I can access half the web again. Anyone want a broken Belkin MIMO-G? :-) #
  • Heading to @epredator‘s lair soon. #
  • Guitar Hero and Sing Star. Now that’s what I call music! #
  • Mrs Roo is feeling ill because of In Our Time on R4. Too much talk of blood, phlegm and black and yellow bile. #
  • Tate Modern. I do love Rothko. #
  • Borough Market #
  • Covent Garden #
  • Chicken Kolmino at Surma in East Dulwhich. Yummy. #

It was nice to see my old friend Kybernetikos this week. Thanks for putting us up, and introducing us to the best Indian restaurant in the whole of East Dulwich.