Twitter Updates for 2008-01-10

  • Suitably messy and confused episode of In Our Time on the charge of the light brigade. Melvyn Bragg sounds a bit grumpy today. #
  • Heading to Southampton Uni soon. Apart from hosting meetings at my actual house, this is the most convenient venue ever. #
  • ‘The Wire’ season 2 DVD set just arrived, with season 3 still on the way. See? I *do* pay to watch TV after all. :-) #
  • Hearing about ‘silent disco’. To avoid noise regs, 500 sets of cordless headphones listening to one of two live DJs. #
  • Watching @andysc present on pervasive messaging. First time I’ve seen him for ages. He’s very very good. #
  • Confetti: britcom classic or annoying “mad as cheese” flop? I have yet to decide. #
  • Impressed by @robertbrook‘s new Hansard prototype: UK parliamentary debates have never been so much fun #
  • Amusing myself by searching Hansard for naughty words. Feel like a child with a dictionary again. #