Flight of the Conchords – convergence at CES

Along with yesterday’s Macworld conference (MacBook Air… mmmm…) CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is one of the highlights of the geek year. New devices are announced and launched; bigger televisions, smaller mobile phones, faster, better, now!

The wonderful kiwi comic duo, Flight of the Conchords (who you’ll remember I’ve mentioned here before) played there this year. Flight of the Conchords at CES? How could that possibly work? It turns out it works brilliantly.

They perfectly mock everything that is mockable about CES. Wonderful stuff.

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  1. What do you think of the Macbook Air? I watched Steve Jobs keynote and you can’t fail to be impressed (he really shouldn’t have mistaken ‘Tiger’ for being ‘Leopard’ but we’ll let him off this once!). When does a laptop become ‘too thin’? Are there too many trade-offs with the fixed battery, lack of USB ports, etc? Or do people expect too much?

  2. I do like the look of the MacBook Air, but I actually bought a MacBook Pro this week instead. I was following the rumours with interest, and was rather hoping for something more like an updated 12″ PowerBook. The Air trades too much power for the (admittedly sexy) slim-and-lightness, especially for the price, so I went for a 15″ PowerBook in the end.

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