Twitter Updates for 2008-01-23

  • Pardon me boy, is that the 9:22 train from Southampton Parkway to Swansea, changing at Reading? #
  • Coming into Swansea, and something interesting is happening to the sky. It’s turning orange-grey. Some unreal combination of cloud and sun. #
  • Talk went very well. Loads of questions. Now heading back to Southampton. #
  • ‘Quiet carriage’ means no mobiles or headphones, but please do sit there TALKING VERY LOVELY (I meant LOUDLY) to your friend as much as you like, obviously. #
  • Over eight hours of travelling for a 1 hour talk. I’m glad I went, but I’ve rarely been so keen to get home as I am today. Roll on Reading. #
  • Home. Deciding to work at home tomorrow. #

Swansea by webber0075

Photo of Swansea in the rain by webber0075

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