Slippers at work

I accidentally took my slippers to the office today.


Photo: “Roo’s Slippers” by epredator

I tend to wear them at home, and they were left in my laptop bag having taken them to Arthur’s house last night (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking slippers to a friend’s house, though some of my friends would seem to think otherwise).

I like the mild eccentricity of not just owning and wearing slippers at home, but having them in under my desk. I’m not sure I’ll make a regular habit of it though.

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  1. I very much like the fact you bring your slippers over when you come for dinner. It means you can fully relax and feel at home. Don’t stop doing it.

    Btw, who doesn’t like you doing it?

  2. Jo’s Dad once managed to wear his slippers to a football match. His solution was to got to a DIY store near the ground to buy a pair of welly boots instead. Personally I think the slippers would have been far less noticeable, not to mention more comfortable!

    I can’t quite tell from the photo, but are your slippers dark blue with a subtle square pattern on? If so, I won’t be able to wear mine out to the same places as you!!

  3. Kaman: nobody whose house is involved. Some non-slipper wearing buddies at lunch were more bemused than opposed.

    James: pretty much (dark blue with a very subtle pattern). Always good to know who to avoid when be-slippered. :-)

  4. Us girls at Text love the idea of slippers in the office,much more practical than high heels!

  5. Argh! Note to self: must think twice when posting about slippers; PR people (who introduce me to all the best journalists) might be reading it! ;-)

  6. Step 0: Arrive at work.
    Step 1: Take off shoes.
    Step 2: Anything else.

    I’ve been known to bring along pajamas to a friends house even just to watch a film. I’ve also been known to offer friends pajamas when they come over, even just to watch a film.

    If I’m not walking on rough ground, I want nothing to do with shoes.

    If I’m not ‘out and about’ (and even some times when I am) I’d rather be in pajamas :-)

  7. There was somebody I used to work with who habitually wore slippers in the office. They were smart and leather. His name was Ron but he no longer works for IBM. Perhaps Roo is the new younger Ron ;-).

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