Five SXSWi panels I’m looking forward to

It’s still a long way off, but for your interest (and my own reference) here are some panels I won’t be missing at South By Southwest in Austin this year…

  • Saturday, March 8 – 11:30 AM – The Future of Virtual World & Game Development: Rise of the Indies (Corey Bridges)
  • Sunday, March 9 – 2:00 PM – Stories, Games and Your Brand (Rachel Clarke (and I happen to know that Jeremy Ettinghausen, Dan Hon and some tall geek called Roo will all be on the panel too))
  • Sunday, March 9 – 3:30 PM – Tools for Enchantment: 20 Ways to Woo Users (Kathy Sierra)
  • Monday, March 10 – 2:00 PM – PMOG: The Web as a Play Field (Justin Hall)
  • Tuesday, March 11 – 11:30 AM – Casual Multi-Player Online Games: Serious Revenues (Michael Smith)

I should point out that all dates at this stage are essentially rumours. At best they’re provisional and subject to change.

One final thing: the SXSWi flyer from January. Over 450 speakers, and I was lucky enough to be mentioned, along with Paul Boag. I’ll have to find out when his panel is too, because I’d hate to miss it.

SXSWi Speakers

One reply on “Five SXSWi panels I’m looking forward to”

  1. I’d planned a very smart (clever) retort to this blog entry. However, in planning it, I was forced to go and look at the SXSWi programme on the website.

    What this blog entry has, therefore, achieved is to send me into a deep depression about the massive number of fantastic-sounding sessions I’ll be missing.

    Maybe I should just go independent, then I could go to as many of these things as I liked (and could afford… OK so one then).

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