Links for 2008-02-09

  • Delicious Library – “Just hold the barcode on the back of any book, movie, CD, or video game in front of the camera and your item magically shows up on your digital shelf seconds later” [via:Andy Piper]. This is what I’ll be doing on Sunday afternoon then.
  • Social Innovation Camp – 4th-6th April, London – “In London between 4th-6th April 2008, Social Innovation Camp will bring together some of the best of the UK and Europe’s web developers and designers with people at the sharp end of social problems.” via:[Dominic Campbell] I’m missing this because I’ll be in New York at the VW09 conference.
  • Jon Udell: Mythbusting the ‘Google generation’ report – “The study making this claim was constructed and published in a way that resists all efforts to evaluate its relevance, accuracy, or authority. Which hardly matters, since none of the reporting about the study seems to have made any such effort.”

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