Links for 2008-02-13

  • Julius Eckert: Quicksilver Interface plugin – Bezel HUD – I like this a lot. “This is a plugin for the application launcher Quicksilver, reproducing the famous Bezel interface with HUD-Style. ” [via:boagworld and andypiper]
  • Virtual Worlds Conference 2008 – April 3-4, 2008 – schedule – 2:30pm, Friday 4th. “The Evolution of Games and Social Networks: Virtual Worlds Everywhere.” I’m confirmed on this panel. Looking forward to seeing who the other panelists will be.
  • BBC NEWS | Technology | BBC iPlayer to hit Macs in 2008 – “The BBC will launch a download version of its iPlayer online video service for Apple Mac users by the end of 2008.” Encouraging news.
  • Bokardo: Why Social Ads Don’t Work – Why adverisiting on social networking sites doesn’t work “They are already on the site they want to be on. They don?t need to click on links to take them where they want to go.”
  • Second Life Herald: “IBM Jilts SL – Now Dating ActiveWorlds!?” – Nice to see the comments put the author straight on IBM’s tendancy to be multi-platform. Prokofy says “IBM has been in Active Worlds for ages — at least a year, if not more”
  • TextExpander: Video Review – TextExpander demo video “TextExpander allows you to choose short snippets that you can type, and they will be automatically expanded into longer, more commonly used phrases. Whether you use this for your address, email, name, or HTML tags, is up to you.”
  • Debunking the 3D Web – Sean Riley: “Virtual worlds should be used to extend and expand the capabilities of the web ? in ways that we are yet to even imagine.” “interactivity and communication” “the future of virtual worlds is not browsing a virtual bookstore”
  • Yo as a pronoun – “…it was most common for the kids to use yo in the subject position; for example, ‘Yo wearin’ a new coat,’ (to point out someone wearing a new coat). But they also used yo in the object position, as in ‘I saw yo at school,’ and ‘Look at yo.'” [Via:Darren]

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