SXSW day 1 – Battledecks

Day 1, and the first job was to pick up the bag and directory. There are a lot of bags waiting to be picked up.


I took in a couple of panels in the afternoon. In between them, the interactive playpen – a huge pile of Lego under the escalators – attracted children, playful geeks, and photographers

Interactive Playpen

Battledecks II, the second annual competition which pits presenters against each other in a surreal improvisational comedy competition. Sometimes described as PowerPoint Karaoke, except that with karaoke you usually know the song before you sing. In Battledecks, the speakers don’t get to see the slides in advance, and have to keep the flow going, and are also judged on jargon, gestures and credibility.

Battledecks Battledecks Battledecks Battledecks Battledecks

The stand out performance (and the winner) was Anil Dash. Here’s his excellent performance.