SXSW day 3 – Laptop Tattoos and the Accordion Guy

Austin Laser Art were at the Screenburn arcade yesterday and today, offering free laser etching on iPods, Moleskine notebooks, laptops, and in fact pretty much anything you handed them. They offered a book full of designs, or you could email in your own EPS file. I found this lovely Transformers logo, which they quickly used to create a custom layout and within minutes had turned my MacBook Pro into an Autobot.

My MacBook Pro, with Autobot logo

Here’s a video of that process, in fabulous Real Time.

For extra fun, Accordion Guy playing at the SXSW Bloghaus this morning.

Our panel was on today as well, but that will have to have its own post. I was a little bit sad to miss the Zuckerberg/Facebook keynote, which was on at the same time. (We almost filled the room anyway, which was nice). The updates on Twitter, the official backchannel and other coverage all hint at that something interesting, perhaps even slightly trainwrecky, happened in the Zuckerberg interview. There certainly seems to have been some disquiet and unrest in the audience, and I’m looking forward to seeing a video of the whole thing (please?).

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  1. Noooooo! How could you deface something so beautiful?

    Having said that, the Autobot logo does look very nice.

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