Links for 2008-05-12

  • Acrylic | Times – “Times is a new type of newsreader for Mac OS X Leopard.” Beautiful. Could do with more customisation options, but it’s already very nice. [via:Jason Ellis]
  • cityofsound: The Personal Well-Tempered Environment – “Essentially, the idea is for a system that makes previously invisible aspects of people’s behaviour visible, in order to help change individual and collective behaviour. “
  • Twitter and the China earthquake – “Let’s see … whether this is the moment when Twitter comes of age as a platform which can bring faster coverage of a major news event than traditional media” First comment: “That moment came a while ago… This is probably the first one that you’ve seen”
  • Comment is Free: Charlie Brooker on reviewing videogames – Charlie Brooker on GTA4
  • Interview – Doctor Who: Top Trumps – Great opening question: “Doctor Who is TV show that deals with issues about the nature of humanity. Top Trumps is a numbers game based on limited skill and luck. Are you underselling the licence?”
  • YouTube: BeatBearing demo – “A tangible rhythm sequencer. Ball bearings are used to trigger (Roland TR-808) drum sounds. Visual feedback is provided from a CRT display underneath to indicate the current time and the state of each beat.”
  • AudioTouch – The project blog for “an Interactive Multi-user, Multi-touch Musical Table”