My CV, as a Wordle tag cloud

Inspired by Ian I’ve just dumped my CV into Wordle (which I bookmarked last week but forgot to write about. It’s great). Lots of options for fiddling with and it’s really easy to make something gorgeous.

My CV, according to

Update: compare and contrast (inspired by Andy) the tags on my account

My bookmarks, according to

I’ve wanted a beautiful tag cloud generator service for ages. Thanks Jonathan.

12 replies on “My CV, as a Wordle tag cloud”

  1. This is really cool! I think tag clouds can be works of art, I’m really looking forward to playing with this. Thanks for the link…

  2. I would agree, but I’m somewhat suspicious about whether Shakespeare really used the word”ELECTRONIC” as much as the wordle tag cloud seems to suggest.
    I knew he was ahead of his time, but even so….

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