LEGO is full of WIN – my Interesting 2008 talk

Here are the slides and audio for the talk I gave at Interesting 2008 yesterday. 30 slides in 3 minutes.

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I’ll post my notes on the day later when my brain recovers a bit more. Rest assured it every bit as interesting as last year. Update: my notes are here.

For now, see my Flickr set, interesting2008 on Flickr and
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Update: the Guardian are hosting a series of videos of the Interesting 2008 talks. Here’s my talk.

17 replies on “LEGO is full of WIN – my Interesting 2008 talk”

  1. Loved your talk too Roo – well, the first 90 secs until I had to go and get ready for mine, so thanks for uploading it so I could enjoy the second half as well.

  2. absofuckinlutely.

    Lego is the reason to breed, Sandy ignores the instructions and just makes stuff. Today it was a totem pole mini fig, with 10 heads on.

  3. We need more minifigs and the like – we’ve only got bricks. We get quite alot of town planning happening in our house.

    I can hear Ebay calling.

    Roo! We missed your talk purely through my insomnia and inability to get up until 7.30. Then I completely failed to see you while we were there. Kin wrangling is… impressively difficult, it has to be said.

  4. This is awesomely interesting. (PUN!) my 5 and 7 year old boys are what we call in the States: lego-manics. I will share this with them!

  5. You were bloody brilliant! I dragged my poor husband to Interesting and you were the first person one. Thank god! He turned to me, smiled and said “you know this is going to be a good day.” And it was…

  6. Finally managed to watch this – absolutely brilliant. Interesting how quickly people had to stop laughing so you could fit everything in! Real shame I couldn’t make it on the day but I think the people getting married on that day might not have been impressed if I’d traded their wedding for lego. I know which choice you’d have made though Roo ;-)

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