Jesse Thorn interviews Ze Frank

Perhaps the two most awesome people on the internet, making each other laugh and talking about the web for half an hour.

Ze Frank on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Ze talks about ‘internet icebreakers’ and the web as a participatory platform

“…around 2003 it became very obvious that the web wasn’t just a publishing platform, it was a participatory platform as well. You could provide little areas where people do the work for you and you take the credit for it. It’s called Web 2.0”

They talked (of course) about Ze’s daily video blog, The Show (which you may remember I mentioned last year, as it was coming to a close). More things: “The great thing about a conversation is that the other side fills in the gaps for you”, If The Earth Were a Sandwich. Did you know that Ze is co-writing a movie? Color Wars, “Place can’t be the dominant metaphor”, games which cross boundaries, and more.

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