Recent reading

Recent Reading

  • Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Shadow – a parallel story to Ender’s Game, following the background of the ‘Bean’ character. A tiny bit smug and pleased with itself in places (hello, Orson Scott Card) but a lovable book anyway.
  • Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down – I enjoyed the characters (though, as often happens with Hornby, I was less convinced by his women). A funny and touching book about suicide.
  • David Mitchell, number9dream – thanks to Nick for lending me this beautiful book. It’s David Mitchell’s second (I still have not read his first: ‘Ghostwritten’) and it is really rather good indeed.
  • Accelerando, Charles Stross – starts with a near-singularity future, in which what I’ve been thinking of since my Palm III as a ‘peripheral brain’ is made real, and a cash economy is optional. Then goes further and further out into the future, in which AR, AI, and lobsters play increasingly important roles. The plot is a mess, but so full of fun ideas that I didn’t mind in the least.

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  1. I loved Accellerando – for the ideas. The plot is a little dense and the characters could use fleshing out. But who cares, when you’ve got an interstellar space mission in a laser-powered starsail carrying a computer core with the simulated mind-states of the crew living in a virtual world? Awesome.

    Stross is leagues ahead of himself in plot, story and characters in Halting State, though. That’s a great read.

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