This photo shows the local butcher building a pig

The awesome Russell Davies has just shared this amazing creation from the equally awesome Max Gadney.

In 2050, the permanent and nomadic residents of Lyddle End use the community Fabricator to build whatever they need. They do their paperwork and receive legal advice in the Tuck Shop, the owner of which can deliver a very personal service. (people still like to go to the shops.)

Nanotech/ Biotech agreements between Asia and Europe mean that creation at the atomic level is now possible. This photo shows the local butcher building a pig. (Those that eat meat still like to have it cut from something previously sentient, rather than the petri-pork that has replaced tofu.)

This is an early model fabricator. It needs to assemble from other matter. Absorbtion rods at the back suck C02 from the air (cleaning the planet) for raw material and re-sculpt this matter on the fab-deck. Other ‘fabs’ resculpt landfill or rock – but recycling the Earth’s mess is obviously the priority. There are no Home fabricators (legally) – the act of creation cannot yet happen in a small or enclosed space.

Each community fabricator is named after the first thing made. This one is called Dodo.

You can learn more about, and how to get involved in, Russell’s delightful Lyddle End 2050 project as well as see the results as they accumulate.

(Update: it’s now on Russell’s blog. Hurrah.)