It’s been a whole week since PaperCamp (a fringe event to Jeremy, Russell and JamesBookCamp) organised by Matt Jones.

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I drifted between the two events (meaning I missed a couple of things, including Karsten Schmidt talking about fiducial marker generation and machine readable origami markers). I mostly stayed at PaperCamp though, so here’s a handful of what I did catch…

A very good time was had by all. I hear that a PaperCamp is happening in New York in a couple of weeks. Whatever you do, don’t miss it if you’re in NYC on 7th and 8th of February.

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  1. It was a printing kit (a bit like this one, which the organisers had left on the table for us to play with, and I’d used to make that custom PaperCamp stamp. Movable type, baby. Gutenberg eat your heart out.

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