Second screen: this works for me

It’s Wednesday, so it’s Apprentice night again. Tonight I’ve been using Visible Tweets on an open laptop next to the TV.

Apprentice - second screen

Ray was complaining about motion-sickness with Twitterfall running in the background. Visible Tweets (thanks to Andy for the tip) is a nice alternative.

Eye-catching, simple and beautiful in full screen mode, it’s less comprehensive than Twitterfall but does show a selection of recent tweets at a pleasing pace. Here how it looks:

4 replies on “Second screen: this works for me”

  1. That’s a very cool idea Mr Roo!

    The thing is that TV / scheduled video programming watching is becoming more social – as we see with the Twitterspurts around the Apprentice, BGT, Eurovision and others – and yet when I ask people who enjoy watching “socially” i.e. with Twitter to keep them company, whether they would like a Twitter stream overlaid or somewhere down the side of the picture, the answer is invariably “no” – it’s a social thing, but they want the socialised aspect of the experience to be separate. It’s an interesting issue. I like your solution here – create the ability to ambiently follow updates (presumably related to a hashtag) without too much of an interruption.

  2. Dear Mr Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic & Hitachi, how’s about including a Twitter UI on your next telly product (and WiFi) and we can watch what’s trending on our fave programs ?

    It’s ok I’ll let you have that one for free ;-) Unless MTV already beat you to it.

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