Mustache TV

Mustache TV

Jesse Thorn kindly sent me a ‘Mustache TV‘ as a thank you for supporting Maximum Fun. (Disclaimer: I donate a small amount of money each moth. As you know, I’m a fan, and a card-carrying member of the Maximum Fun club and "a proud adherent of the principles of The New Sincerity").

Mustache TV’s lovingly detailed instructions include a scoring system (3 points for a clean-shaved man, 5 points for a lady, 6 points for a world leader) and it turns out to work quite well for games too. Lots of fun.

Mustache TV - Spaced Mustache TV - Mirror's Edge Mustache TV - The Wire

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  1. Not crazy at all. In fact, I just re-discovered what I wrote last year when he sent me a t-shirt, a poster and a membership card: “The fact that even posting all of this stuff to the UK has cost Jesse more than I’ve donated so far just makes me love him all the more. What an investment in the fans.”

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