Fortnotes 9

[The ninth in a fortnightly series of brain dumps: what I’m working on, wondering and worrying about.]

Shoreditch! Holborn! Piccadilly! Farringdon! Regent Street! Slough!

Lots of bits and pieces. Still mainly Honda, but also meeting a few other teams (some for the first time) to discuss ideas and chip in with thoughts, suggestions and questions.

Spent a day at the D-Media conference and spoke on a panel with Tom Armitage, Matt Sheret which was chaired by Max Gadney. I wish I’d recorded it and I wonder if anyone else did. It was fun. We talked about data and storytelling, sharing examples of how we ask questions of data and how we tell stories with it. Matt talked about being a Data Griot at, Tom talked about Schooloscope. I talked a bit about Nike Grid.

Sad to be losing Dan Hon, who is leaving London and moving to Portland.

Spring is sprung. The sun is out. London is lovely.