I’m writing a newsletter

Just a brief update to say I’ve started writing a newsletter. Interesting links in your inbox, every weekday.

It’s called Roo’s Letter and you can subscribe here.

Email newsletters seems to be enjoying something of a resurgence. Giles Turnbull, Leila Johnston, Robert Brook and Bobbie Johnson all got there well before me; their example is inspiring me to keep at it. I’m already up to the third installment, and as I will no doubt keep experimenting with the format any feedback is gratefully received.

Anyway, if you’re missing the regular updates here and would like to hear more from me please do sign up.

One reply on “I’m writing a newsletter”

  1. What a great idea! A nice antidote to the Facebook “link flood” we get daily. What’s your strategy about which links to share here vs on Facebook/Twitter? I guess I will find out soon (I just subscribed)…

    Good luck with it anyway.


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