Things riding on things

For the past month or so, I’ve been trying to make at least one thing every week. This week, while digging through my list of someday/maybe projects, I was delighted to find this little beauty: “website idea: a collection of things riding on other things. Videos of kittens riding on tortoises, etc”.

I had originally been expecting to build a whole thing from scratch; a gallery, a submissions engine, the lot. Crazy. Tumblr is custom built for things like this. So, may I humbly present Things Riding on Things, ‘a comprehensive collection’.

A consistent tagging structure was required, so I’ve gone for a simple system where all entries are tagged with rider, ridee and rider:ridee. Therefore, if you want to find entries in which a monkey is riding on a deer, you need Easy.

Building further on that, I hacked together a quick script to generate a matrix of all the things riding on all the other things, to help visualise the various relationships between rider and ridee.

Things Riding on Things

Contributions are already coming in thick and fast. Feel free to suggest your own.