SXSW panel snippets – ‘Is Privacy Dead or Just Very Confused?’

danah boyd (Researcher, Microsoft Research) Judith Donath (MIT Media Laboratory) Alice Marwick (PhD Candidate, New York University) Siva Vaidhyanathan (Assoc Professor, University of Virginia) Abstract: While many assert that “privacy is dead,” the complex ways in which people try to control access and visibility suggest that it’s just very confused. Rather than throwing the baby […]

Steve Bowbrick, the BBC’s critical friend

For the past seven months, Steve Bowbrick has been exploring the BBC from the inside. Last night, Nick Reynolds (Editor, internet blog) invited Steve to share his findings. First, Steve’s short lecture in which he described openness as An uncomplicated, generous use of license fee funding to generate content and code, as well as sharing […]

Guardian Open Platform

The Guardian today announced the Open Platform, comprising two products: a Content API built on top of their existing search engine allowing other people to build applications on top of the Guardian’s content, and the Data Store which is a collection of public and Guardian-owned data sets made freely available for reuse. I was invited […]

Recent Reading

January Iain M Banks, Matter – oooh, a new Culture book. It’s quite good, too. Armando Iannucci, Facts and Fancies – chucklesome but bitty. Slightly inconsistent, but worth it for some moments of Armando Iannucci at his insightful, cutting and random best. George Orwell, Animal Farm – I studied this at school, and re-reading it […]