Ze Frank

Ze Frank’s glorious experiment with a daily video podcast called simply The Show is coming to an end. To celebrate a glorious year, here’s what you’ve either been enjoying, or missing, … 03-17-06 – “jessica simpson loves bush, neverland, iraqis buy fruit, google scalia, bill gates, one laptop per child, origami” – It all started […]

Roo on Google

Google for “Suw” and you get Suw (Chocolate and Vodka) Charman. Google for “Matt” and you get Matthew (Photo Matt) Mullenweg. This way of finding people is definitely way more convenient than URLs. It got me wondering about “Roo”, and when I checked I was pleasantly surprised to find myself lurking in the top 10 […]

Where’s Roo? I’m living declaratively

I recently signed up to the Plazes location tracking service, and since I’m traveling between New York, Danbury, Somers, and Southbury all week, it’s been interesting trying it out. I understand the Dodgeball service (recently acquired by Google) is even more popular here in NY, but it’s currently giving me a 502 Server Error, so […]