“Where do you find the time?” Clay Shirky and the Cognitive Surplus

Clay Shirky and the Cognitive Surplus might be a good name for a band. I found this video of Clay Shirky at the recent Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco via Warren Ellis. It is 15 minutes long, and the territory covered includes… The critical technology for the early phase of the industrial revolution was […]

Blogjects and Tweetjects

Before there were blogjects, there were blobjects. In the closing speech at SIGGRAPH 2004, Bruce Sterling started by talking about blobjects, or blob-shaped consumer items. Blobjects are the period objects of our time. They are the physical products that the digital revolution brought to the consumer shelf. Sterling goes on (via ‘gizmos’, the current state […]

Laptop Stickers

Ever since the Dedicated Followers of Fashion post about laptop stickers used a photo I’d snapped of Cory Doctorow’s heavily stickered ThinkPad, I’ve been a(n even) keen(er) observer of laptop stickers and their owners. I’ve been avidly photographing them, uploading them to Flickr and tagging them ‘laptopstickers‘. Here are a few examples. Gavin Bell (Sparse, […]

(Rough) plans for SXSW 2008

I’m packing for SXSW tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I’ve pulled together a (rough) schedule, thanks to the lovely SCHED (sched.org). This is a bit more complete than my previous list of things-not-to-miss. Of course, that list still contains the panel I’m sitting on (‘Stories, Games and Your Brand’) with Rachel Clarke, Jeremy Ettinghausen and Dan Hon. […]

The Backchannel

I’m presenting at the Meeting Professionals International event in London in April: the Europeans Meetings and Events Conference. (Yes, the meta-ness of speaking at a conference about conferences is not lost on me). I was invited to do something on Web 2.0 and ‘where is technology headed’. After some thought, I’ve written up some notes […]

BBC + iTunes

BBC tech correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones announced a while ago that he is “too old to Twitter and too mature for Myspace. Some things are best left to the young” Now he’s talking about the BBC+iTunes deal, saying that once you’ve handed over your credit card details, buying a programme from iTunes is an awful lot […]