I remember last year when I asked an auditorium room full of British university students how many were on MySpace, and only a couple of hands went up. Of course, they were all on Facebook. These days, it seems everyone is talking about it. It doesn’t have great advertising clickthrough (to be honest, I didn’t […]

Attribution and Assimilation

Spending some time recently re-reading the Moleskine in which I’ve been keeping notes since December, I noticed how much I’ve stolen absorbed from other people. F’rinstance, I spotted the following three examples after re-reading my notes from various conferences. When I say (of corporate collaboration) “A company is full of people, not just staff”, It […]

The Harvester Connection

Some would say that going to school with Pete Docherty and Duncan-from-Blue should be enough of a claim to fame for anyone, but get this… “Have you ever been to a Harvester before?”   The guy in the right wearing glasses in this Harvester advert? (1:20 into this collection of old British TV ads) That’s […]

Interesting 2007 – now that *was* interesting – thirty interesting things

Seven-and-a-half hours, over twenty speakers, 3 facilitators, 42 photos, and eight pages of Moleskine later, I barely know where to start writing up my experience of Russell Davies‘ superb conference, interesting2007. There’s just far too much to say about it really. To give you a flavour of it, here is a list of thirty interesting […]


Russell Davies’ interesting2007 conference (Saturday 16th June) looks, well, really very interesting indeed. interesting2007 logotype by Noisy Decent Graphics So interesting in fact, that I’m turning down opportunities to be attending Hack Day (though Andy will be there), and/or speaking at a conference in Massachusetts to be there. That’s how interesting this is. The list […]


Three examples of an annoying phenomenon. Me: Hi. I’ll go for a large quarter pounder cheese meal please, with coke to drink Fast food operative: Quarter pounder cheese. Would you like to go large? Me: Yes please. Fast food operative: And what drink would you like with your meal? Me (trying not to grit teeth): […]

Security fatigue

I think I’m suffering from security fatigue. On any given day in London Waterloo I’m likely to hear this over a loudspeaker: “At this time of heightened security, it is important to report any suspect package or luggage to a member of staff immediately” while reading this on a screen: *SECURITY ALERT* PLEASE KEEP ALL ITEMS OF […]

Open Rights Group bash

Worked with Ian in IBM Southbank today so I could head out to the Open Rights Group event tonight. Hoping to meet up with Ren Reynolds (no relation), Eric Rice, Kim, Lisa from Mind Candy, Suw, Kev, and more. Update (12th  April)… No Kim (sniff) but great to see Ren, Suw, Kev, Eric, Kosso, and […]