Dreamlog – Jan 25th 2001

I was in the back garden of a big house. There was a party going on, with loud music, drink and drugs. I decided to show off a bit, and started spinning round really really fast. Eventually was spinning with such speed that to everyone else, I was a blur. At this point I hopped […]

Dreamlog – Dec 4th 2000

Unusually for me, I remember 4 dreams. All very vivid. One. I went into a corner shop to buy a Kit Kat (a chocolate bar wrapped in foil and paper). The shopkeeper winked at me and showed me how to fold the wrapper in such a way as to conceal drugs in it. Suddenly the […]

Dreamlog – Skanky LEGO

Last night I spent half an hour washing some old skanky Lego I had purchased from a guy at work. It was covered in bluetac and plasticine. Disgusting. Afterwards, the bath was so grim I had to clean it, regretting how much I’d handed over for this old dirty Lego. Now it’s drip-drying on a […]

Dreamlog – Aug 2nd 2002

Very clear and disturbing dream last night. I dreamed I was moving out of a large, very lovely rented house with the help of my wife. All was going well, until we realised that the large number of boxes outside the front door were already going to fill the small car to capacity. When we […]