Live Writer

I spent much of Thursday with the charming Andy Piper (whose blog you should all be reading). I’m very glad I did. Not only did he help me out by sitting in on a customer presentation (chipping in some useful comments and insights) he also gave me a demo of both Mugshot and Windows Live […]

Armadillo Run

The it was nice to catch up with the incomporable Kybernetikos over the Christmas holiday, and even nicer that we each introduced the other to a new game. I showed him EVE (and we spent a couple of hours ratting together) and he introduced me to Armadillo Run. It’s brilliant. A sick cross between The […]

EVE Online

I’ve been getting to grips with EVE Online recently. It’s the first MMORPG I’ve really enjoyed. Mark Wallace, who played a big part in getting me interested in the first place, has been very kind in getting me up to speed in EVE and introducing me to his corporation. I like so much about EVE. […]

RailsConf Europe, day 0 – PizzaOnRails

RailsConf Europe starts tomorrow morning. I arrived this evening for PizzaOnRails, a social gathering for Railsters, tonight held in 1 Leicester Square. It’s a chance to meet people who’ll be around for the conference (and, it turns out, people who won’t be there and came just for the pizza event). It was a good evening […]