On Asking the Lazyweb: What Rhymes With ‘Gareth’?

Over a cup of tea this morning, it became apparent that Darren, having recently written a poem/rhyme/limerick in which he’d wanted to rhyme the name of our friend and colleague Gareth Jones, had given up rhyming using the surname because ‘Gareth’ was too hard. The obvious conversation ensued, in which we pretty much universally failed […]

Iceland Airwaves 2007

I’m getting rather excited about Iceland Airwaves (find it on Upcoming.org and Last.fm). I fly to Reykjavik with my brother, Sam, on Monday 15th October, and we won’t return until the following Monday. Seven whole nights of Icelandic bliss. Blue Lagoon by Tomosaurus on Flickr The festival itself runs between Wednesday 17th and Sunday 21st […]


Kelly inspired me to research the search terms that bring people to my blog. It turns out that people search for some strange and wonderful things. Some are highly appropriate (and I’m sure they found useful answers) but many are just plain odd. Here are a few of my favourites: puff of air in eye […]

The Harvester Connection

Some would say that going to school with Pete Docherty and Duncan-from-Blue should be enough of a claim to fame for anyone, but get this… “Have you ever been to a Harvester before?”   The guy in the right wearing glasses in this Harvester advert? (1:20 into this collection of old British TV ads) That’s […]

Interesting 2007 – now that *was* interesting – thirty interesting things

Seven-and-a-half hours, over twenty speakers, 3 facilitators, 42 photos, and eight pages of Moleskine later, I barely know where to start writing up my experience of Russell Davies‘ superb conference, interesting2007. There’s just far too much to say about it really. To give you a flavour of it, here is a list of thirty interesting […]