Roo on Google

Google for “Suw” and you get Suw (Chocolate and Vodka) Charman. Google for “Matt” and you get Matthew (Photo Matt) Mullenweg. This way of finding people is definitely way more convenient than URLs. It got me wondering about “Roo”, and when I checked I was pleasantly surprised to find myself lurking in the top 10 […]

Armadillo Run

The it was nice to catch up with the incomporable Kybernetikos over the Christmas holiday, and even nicer that we each introduced the other to a new game. I showed him EVE (and we spent a couple of hours ratting together) and he introduced me to Armadillo Run. It’s brilliant. A sick cross between The […]

EVE Online

I’ve been getting to grips with EVE Online recently. It’s the first MMORPG I’ve really enjoyed. Mark Wallace, who played a big part in getting me interested in the first place, has been very kind in getting me up to speed in EVE and introducing me to his corporation. I like so much about EVE. […]