RailsConf Europe, day 2

Jim Weirich (author of ‘rake’, among other things), presented on tips to avoid being a Leeroy Jenkins in the Rails community. He gave some very helpful, concrete examples of things to avoid when modifying or adding behaviour in other people’s classes. Next was the much anticipated presentation by ‘why the lucky stiff‘, author of Try […]

RailsConf Europe, day 0 – PizzaOnRails

RailsConf Europe starts tomorrow morning. I arrived this evening for PizzaOnRails, a social gathering for Railsters, tonight held in 1 Leicester Square. It’s a chance to meet people who’ll be around for the conference (and, it turns out, people who won’t be there and came just for the pizza event). It was a good evening […]

RailsConf Europe

I’m off to RailsConf Europe later. Registration and the first session is tomorrow morning, but tonight the participants have been invited to attend Pizza on Rails, a social with pizza and beer. I’ll be taking my laptop, a camera, some business cards, and a Moleskine notebook. Looking forward to taking plenty of notes and photos.

Mac Mini

Just ordered a Mac Mini. I can already feel my hair growing. I got the 1.42 Ghz version, but with the base 256 MB of ram. I see Crucial are selling 1 GB sticks for waaay less than Apple, so I guess it’s time to find a putty knife … or some CAT5 … or […]

Uh-oh. I’ve discovered NetHack

It’s just as well I didn’t come across it 20 years ago; this is addictive. ┌──────┐ │…@..│ │……│ │..d…+ │……│ │……│ │……│ └──────┘ I’ve been killed a great many times already today (including once by a kitten) and I have a lot to learn. (Speaking of which, E2 has a fascinating node on the subject […]

Up and coming

Upcoming.org is a collaborative event calendar with support for both iCal and RSS. It allows you to add events coming up in your area so that other locals can be informed about things they might otherwise have missed. I just added (and joined) the Southampton area.