I always thought quarks should be the tangiest of all the fermions. Leptons, of course, would be positively sugary by comparison.  Ok, ok. No-one like a bad particle physics pun. Turns out quark is a type of cheese, as well as a subatomic particle. Who would have thought it.

Yo-yo tuning; tangible audio

I’ve been thinking about augmented reality and tangible stuff in relation to music recently. A while ago I hacked together a RFID reader and rotary encoder (using cheap-ish off the shelf USB kit from Phidgets) into a virtual knob. Ian captured me giving a quick (“it’s me knob demo!“) demonstration in the office a couple […]


I love everything about Moleskines. Here’s my square-ruled one. I’ve actually been an admirer for a long time, but I think it was Sacha Chua writing about networking with Moleskines last year which tipped me over the edge. I don’t (yet) use her page number hyperlink system, but I do agree with her about the power and convenience […]

Inbox Zero – Merlin Mann’s tech talk

Last week I shared my notes from David Weinberger’s ‘Everything is Miscellaneous’ tech talk. This week, I’m watching Merlin Mann talking about Inbox Zero (something at which I was successful in 2005, but have been failing to keep up). These are the notes I took while watching the video of Merlin’s talk (the slides are […]