Where’s Roo? I’m living declaratively

I recently signed up to the Plazes location tracking service, and since I’m traveling between New York, Danbury, Somers, and Southbury all week, it’s been interesting trying it out. I understand the Dodgeball service (recently acquired by Google) is even more popular here in NY, but it’s currently giving me a 502 Server Error, so […]

Live Writer

I spent much of Thursday with the charming Andy Piper (whose blog you should all be reading). I’m very glad I did. Not only did he help me out by sitting in on a customer presentation (chipping in some useful comments and insights) he also gave me a demo of both Mugshot and Windows Live […]

BBC 2.0

I met Jason DaPonte on Friday, who gave a presentation on the “BBC 2.0” strategy. Wow. These guys get it. I wish I’d known him a year ago, when I was busily telling corporations about how they should get involved with Web 2.0. I could have saved a lot of time by saying “look, this […]

Planet IBM

Sam Ruby has thrown up a Planet to aggregate all the posts from IBM’s (opt-in) list of known IBM bloggers. He’s currently having to scrape it because the OPML is currently not well formed. And like that… probably my most geeky post ever was aggregated, without resorting to a single photograph and with barely a […]