Making Marbles

Reminiscing about childhood games last night, my friend Arthur wondered out loud how marbles are made. Nick and I googleraced to find the answer, and (unsurprisingly) both ended up finding the same bit of video. ‘How It’s Made‘ is surely one of the most interesting series on Discovery (perhaps beaten by Mythbusters). The marble video […]

Recent addictions

A few years ago, I was playing more online poker than was probably healthy (though only ever invested about £10 in online poker at my peak had built it up to well over £100, which I inevitably lost. Frighteningly quickly. (Though not before I extracted the original £10.) I don’t particularly want to start again […]

Laptop Stickers

Ever since the Dedicated Followers of Fashion post about laptop stickers used a photo I’d snapped of Cory Doctorow’s heavily stickered ThinkPad, I’ve been a(n even) keen(er) observer of laptop stickers and their owners. I’ve been avidly photographing them, uploading them to Flickr and tagging them ‘laptopstickers‘. Here are a few examples. Gavin Bell (Sparse, […]

Physics Games

Three different physics games I’ve been enjoying recently. You might like them too. 1 – Toribash (Mac, Windows) is my favourite fighting game ever. The physics, rendering and tense multiplayer action make it an instant addiction. 2 – Crayon Physics (Windows) is the freeware prototype of something which went on to become the eagerly awaited […]


I’ve been helping out as the ‘chief engineer’ at Speechification for a while, and I’m now proud to be joining Russell and Steve in making Watchification happen too. The aim of the project is reassuringly simple: in the same way that Speechification curates speech radio from around the world, we want to make it easy […]