Every tribe has its talismans – on buying a MacBook Pro

Every tribe has its talismans. Here and now, mine seem to be: Moleskine notebooks (if you’ve never owned one, I dare you to pick one up and not fall in love) digital cameras (I’m rather excited about the new Canon EOS 450D / Rebel XSi) Macs. PowerBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, … pretty much […]

Christmas 2007

Back from a lovely few days seeing friends and staying with our families in Dorset. I’m at home now, and won’t be back to work until Monday 7th January.

Moshi Monsters – Get Your Rox Off

Mind Candy (the company behind Perplex City) have a new project. Moshi Monsters is their latest thing, and I really like it. It’s actually two things in one: a flashy-spinny-phone-charm-thing and a web-pet-tamagotchi-puzzle thing. The ‘MoPod‘ mobile phone charms are conveniently available from Michael Smith’s other company, Firebox. Let’s start there, since it’s currently (at […]

Live while I’m alive: sweets on my desk

The IET were kind enough to give me a silver dish (which also has a very attractive lid, not pictured here) as a thank you for giving this year’s Mountbatten lecture. It has my name on it and everything. Rather than let it gather dust in a cupboard, I’ve decided to fill it with sweets […]

Recent Reading

Back in September, I listed the books I’d been reading recently. Well, here’s the selection for October (and early November). ‘Miss Wyoming’, Douglas Coupland – not my favourite Coupland, but enjoyable enough. ‘The Xenephobe’s Guide to Icelanders’ – a birthday present, together with The Wisdom of Crowds and EBC&B, from Kaman (thank you!). Very funny, […]