Puppies grow up

Amina (who you’ll remember was previously named ‘Amiina’, and has subsequently lost an ‘i’ but fortunately not an eye) is 17 weeks old today, and is growing fast. She’s eating meat, bonemeal, vegetables and a little fruit. Great fun. Preparing her dinner us just as much fun as cooking for people (a little grated carrot, […]

A trip down memory lane

This weekend was a trip down memory lane, for my parents at least. I wasn’t even born when they lived in Wandsworth, but Rachel and I enjoyed joining them on a tour of their old haunts on Saturday. On Saturday night we celebrated Uncle Terry’s 40th birthday, and it was excellent to meet my brother’s […]

New router

While I was away last week my wife had to cope with a dying wireless router, which began fizzing to signify the end of its useful life. I’m not a hardware expert, but I’ve always believed routers shouldn’t fizz. A quick trip to the local peripherals shop, and we are the proud new owners Belkin […]