Exploring the UK Government online – They Work For You and the Public Whip

I’ve known about TheyWorkForYou.com for some time, but had not really explored it properly until this weekend. I also unearthed two underlying services: the Parliament Parser, which hosts structured data on MPs and their debates, and The Public Whip, which uses that same data and tracks voting patterns. I happened to be listening to Prime […]

Live while I’m alive: sweets on my desk

The IET were kind enough to give me a silver dish (which also has a very attractive lid, not pictured here) as a thank you for giving this year’s Mountbatten lecture. It has my name on it and everything. Rather than let it gather dust in a cupboard, I’ve decided to fill it with sweets […]


Russell and Steve recently invited me to join the Speechification team, where I have been happily sharing my favourite bits of speech radio. Any team needs its initiation rites, and mine ended up being migrating the blog from Tumblr to something with comments. WordPress 2.3.1 seemed like a good bet. I have not been keeping […]