Future Nostalgia

American Airlines in-flight magazine describes frequent travelers as ‘Road Warriors’. It always seemed strange to me that an airline would embrace a term seemingly unrelated to flying. Perhaps it’s to help them forget the hideous hours in the air. Personally, in a choice between driving and letting the train take the strain, I’m a rail […]

Anthony Gormley – Blind Light

Anthony Gormley (the talented British sculptor who created the Angel of the North) had an exhibition in London at the moment called ‘Blind Light’. Although it’s presented by the Hayward gallery, the exhibition is by no means confined there. In fact, according to the Southbank Centre website, it “features sculptural casts of the artist’s body […]


I love everything about Moleskines. Here’s my square-ruled one. I’ve actually been an admirer for a long time, but I think it was Sacha Chua writing about networking with Moleskines last year which tipped me over the edge. I don’t (yet) use her page number hyperlink system, but I do agree with her about the power and convenience […]


Kelly inspired me to research the search terms that bring people to my blog. It turns out that people search for some strange and wonderful things. Some are highly appropriate (and I’m sure they found useful answers) but many are just plain odd. Here are a few of my favourites: puff of air in eye […]

Inbox Zero – Merlin Mann’s tech talk

Last week I shared my notes from David Weinberger’s ‘Everything is Miscellaneous’ tech talk. This week, I’m watching Merlin Mann talking about Inbox Zero (something at which I was successful in 2005, but have been failing to keep up). These are the notes I took while watching the video of Merlin’s talk (the slides are […]