Flying high with IMB, apparently

I have traveled quite a lot recently, but must confess to never having opened the British Airways inflight magazine, ‘Business Life’. It was something of a surprise to be informed by Andy that my name gets mentioned in the February edition, and it makes me wish I was a regular reader, and had discovered it […]


Tap tap.. Is this thing on? Right then. I’ve been writing on Eightbar, and other places, for a while, but I sometimes itch for a personal blog of my own. Darren, Richard and Andy (to name but a few fellow IBMers brave enough to blog in public) make a pretty good job of it. It’s […]

Election night links

Below are some tools to help with your election night enjoyment…From the BBC: Scorecard – refreshes annoyingly frequently, but keep you up-to-date with results. Map – watch your constituency, or the overall picture. Blog – BBC blog content has traditionally been excellent Seat-by-seat results Streaming news player – watch headlines and election news online. News […]