Flickr Stats

Flickr is great, isn’t it? Last week, they introduced in–browser photo editing (via Picnik), and this Thursday they added stats.  If you’re a Pro user, go and activate stats for your account. I think you’ll like it. By digging around my stats, I now know that this generated ‘fractal flame’ picture (generated using Apophysis) appears […]

Iceland Airwaves – hangovercast #1

Sam and I woke up this morning with mild hangovers after the first night of Airwaves. We made a hangovercast over breakfast in which we mumble about the bands we saw last night. Enjoy. Hangover cast #1 – Wednesday night Here are the bands we saw… 12 Tonar: Rokkurro (beautiful) Gavin Portland (loud) Organ: The […]

What do you do again? My Serious Virtual Worlds presentation

A number of people have asked me recently “what is it you do again?”. When I tell my friends and family that I’m giving a presentation at some conference or another, they very rarely have any idea of what I mean. So, if you’ve always wondered what sort of nonsense I’ll stand up on stage […]